The cutest game ever is getting a DLC with addition to story and content. The world of final fantasy describes prefectly what it is. It is the entire final fantasy universe (almost). Its where characters and creatures from all final fantasy games come together in their cute little chibi avatars.

For all those who fell in love with this world, be ready to fall in love again. The Maxima DLC on PS4, XBOX ONE and STEAM  is releasing on November 6th 2018. The Maxima will include story continuation from the end of the main game. And various mini games, new characters from final fantasy XV and XIV and many new mirages.

So Cute !!


The dev team for the maxima switch port didnt have a lot of budget for it but they claim to have tried their best. There were some issues with the engine used not being used to make a switch games but the devs eventually made it work. The widely loved PSVITA is the only console from the original release not getting the DLC because it didnt have enough memory to support the content.

A sequel of World of Final Fantasy might also be coming but its not entirely sure until Square Enix approves it. This will be highly dependent on if the Maxima DLC is well received. November 6th, look out for it.